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In this sequel to the 1996 book, learn how to Know, Love and Be Your Destiny Stream through principles and guidelines for:

  • Knowing the Truth of Who I Am
  • Understanding the Purpose of My Authentic Self
  • Accessing the Courage to Express My Full Potential
  • Experiencing the Power of Being Without Consequences
  • Managing the Ego: Empowering the Soul
  • Testing the Integrity of the Soul-Directed Self
  • Reclaiming the Destiny and Purpose of the Authentic Self

Stories, examples and reader-friendly guidelines for creating healthy emotional options and well-being. How-to steps for replacing anger-based patterns by Transforming Anger Into Love™. For individuals, relationships, families, and the workplace – hopeful, helpful alternatives to rage-full thoughts and actions.

Emotional Wellness Creed

Every person of any age, ethnicity, orientation, or belief has the right to live without threat of uncontrolled anger, emotional abuse, violence, or rage.

Almost everyone has had moments when they say things they don't mean and do things they regret. But when an IED (Internal Explosive Device) repeatedly destroys love and trust, rage is at work and a spiritual crisis is at hand: in self, family, workplace, and relationships. This book teaches how such patterns form and how to replace them with healthy emotional options.

Samples: (#18) Expect and support their best; don't expect or require perfection. (#19) Avoid comparing them to anyone else; instead, help them develop their unique self and way of being. (#20) Know that they will respect what you
say if they respect who you are. "Invaluable! I put them on the refrigerator to remind my kids...and they remind me!"
–Workshop Participant