RUN     SCREAM     UNBURY     SAVE     |     Dianne's Review of This Award-Winning Book

Dianne Lancaster is founder of the Emotional Wellness Institute and author of four books, including Identifying and Reducing Anger in the Workplace, Reclaiming the Authentic Self,  When Anger is in Control: A Handbook for Change, and Anger and the Indigo Child. Her newest book, Reclaiming the Destiny and Purpose of the Authentic Self, is available as a PDF from the author.

Former president of a stress management firm, Dianne founded the Anger Management Institute in 1998, and has taught Transforming Anger Into Love™  for individuals, families, schools, businesses, and faith-based organizations since 1983. As a visionary for social change, Dianne has written and taught extensively on the economic, environmental, ethical, and emotional issues challenging humanity's stewardship of the new millennium. Dianne's newest book, How to Prepare for the Times Ahead, is in process. Until it is finished, the 21-Step Program contained in the book — From Evolution to Enlightenment: Spiritual Guidance for the Soul-Directed Self — is available as a PDF from the author. To contact Dianne:

Dianne is a brilliant and inspired teacher and writer.

Her message is both meaningful and relevant
for these rapidly shifting times.
–Jacquelyn Small