Transforming Anger Into Love™

The purpose of anger is to produce change, and the hidden message behind anger is, “I need to feel more love.” The principal change anger produces is therefore in relation to love: Anger challenges love to expand. Love is the emotional response when our needs are met, and anger is the emotional response when our needs are not met. As a proportional emotion, anger is meted out in the quality and quantity of energy necessary to create the change we need. A raised tone of voice may be sufficient for a minor incident. A more strident response may be necessary when we are being accused or abused.

Blueprint for Addressing Anger in America

The vision for a 20-year plan to adequately address the challenges of anger and related conditions includes a comprehensive combination of multi-lingual, multi-cultural programs and services implemented to serve every urban and rural community nationwide.

America is Riding Sidesaddle on a Trojan Horse

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a prophetess. The power to foretell the future was given to her by Apollo as an expression of his desires… and Cassandra received the gift, promising to comply with his desires. But then she spurned Apollo’s advances, and he sought revenge. He could not rescind her gift of prophecy because the creed of the gods was that divine favors once bestowed could not be revoked. What Apollo did, therefore, is arrange that while Cassandra’s gift of foretelling would remain, she never would be believed.

Orlando: The Latest Message We Did Not Hear

In the global psyche, the smell of blood and bullets remains. Although numbers more staggering than 49 have regularly brought together heartbreak and headlines – planes brought down, towns blown up, mass graves discovered, fleeing immigrants drowned – Orlando was a message to our souls. “Surely this is the last before we do something to stop it all,” we thought, hoped, pleaded, and prayed.

Archetypes and the American Presidency

For persons living in America at this time, our fate seems in the hands of everything but the conditions which portions of this writing idealize and invoke. As the ancient teachings of the Tarot help identify archetypes and their purpose, the current developments in this nation compel us to understand the meaning and presence of the high-office-seeker archetypes of this time.

The Hidden Power of Love

When anger is expressed at the time it is felt, its purpose is to challenge love. When it is suppressed and allowed to accumulate, its presence takes a toll on love. The following contrasts the properties of love to the properties of suppressed anger. Reflect on how each manifests in your own life, and how to replace the effects of suppressed anger with the power and presence of love.

Anger & the Divine Plan: An Indigo Children’s Story

Not long ago, the collective vibration of the Indigo Children was joyfully engaged in a distant dimension when an urgent call was sounded. A crisis in consciousness was developing on Planet Earth. Destructive munitions were assembling with alarming force. Destructive emotions were gathering with equivalent force. The medical model could not adequately arrest this development. Education could not adequately address it. Pharmaceuticals could only suppress it. Science and religion could not reverse it…yet something had to be done.