Blueprint for Addressing Anger in America

© Dianne Lancaster

The vision for a 20-year plan to adequately address the challenges of anger and related conditions includes a comprehensive combination of multi-lingual, multi-cultural programs and services implemented to serve every urban and rural community nationwide.

The plan includes:

  • A 24-hour, toll-free nationwide Anger Helpline
  • Adequate, effective training for law enforcement to instill Emotional Equilibrium Capacities and Techniques (EECTs) in concert with weapons use.
  •  The presence of Institutional Memory models to ensure all law enforcement personnel — from directors to rookies — master, mentor, teach, monitor, and reinforce EECTs on a daily basis.
  • Community, faith-based, educational, mental and emotional health, and other social service initiatives to provide prevention and intervention to children and families at risk of unloving, abusive developmental conditioning.
  • Adequate, effective prevention and intervention for potentially violent acts of terrorism — domestic and abroad.
  • A multidisciplinary think tank
  • A new para-professional discipline created with curriculum, training, certification, and placement programs
  • Self-help groups, 12-step groups, professionally-facilitated groups
  • Road rage seminars leading to reduced insurance premiums
  • After-incident teams to assist communities, businesses and families
  • One-stop clearinghouse accessible via Internet or 800 number with nationwide listings of all anger-related programs, workshops, groups, practitioners, books, videos, etc.
  • Proactive programs for schools, businesses, communities, churches/synagogues/temples, families, relationships, daycare, welfare, foster care, single parents, teenage parents, pre-natal and pre-conception counseling
  • Curriculum for pre-schools, grade schools, high schools, trade schools, community colleges and universities
  • Internet web pages saturated with banners offering helpful hints
  • Internet chat rooms, interactive materials, Q&A forums, social media and YouTube presence
  • Syndicated Q&A columns in print and electronic media nationwide
  • Mobile units with staff and materials visiting inner-city neighborhoods
  • Dynamic, creative, non-violent computer and video games
  • Annual conferences in all 50 states
  • featuring children’s books, parenting books, relationship books, self-help books, identifying and reducing anger in the workplace books, and other related materials
  • Anger management centers in malls nationwide, classes, groups, individual counseling, childcare, and video-streaming/conferencing that provides nationwide interactive training and education
  • Celebrities, elected officials, community and business leaders, and other role models’ involvement
  • Innovative funding initiatives combining private capital, donations, grants, volunteers, apprentice programs, and entrepreneurial products and projects