The Hidden Power of Love

© Dianne Lancaster

When anger is expressed at the time it is felt, its purpose is to challenge love. When it is suppressed and allowed to accumulate, its presence takes a toll on love. The following contrasts the properties of love to the properties of suppressed anger. Reflect on how each manifests in your own life, and how to replace the effects of suppressed anger with the power and presence of love.

Love is the facilitating emotion.
Anger is the obstructing emotion.
Love produces the creativity to get things done.
Anger delays, wastes time and resources.

Love is sensitive and attentive.
Anger neglects and disregards.
Love tells the truth.
Anger avoids, denies, manipulates, and lies.

Love admits when it does not know.
Anger wants to be right.
Love admits its mistakes.
Anger is afraid to be wrong.

Love is available to listen.
Anger controls by talking.
Love has time.
Anger wants, immediately.

Love thinks of reasons why something will work.
Anger thinks of reasons why something will fail.
Love is accountable.
Anger makes excuses.

Love provides.
Anger consumes.
Love gives.
Anger takes.

Love accepts.
Anger finds fault.
Love teaches.
Anger punishes.

Love considers.
Anger blames.
Love allows.
Anger demands.

Love accommodates.
Anger resists.
Love is generous.
Anger is needy.

Love praises.
Anger boasts.
Love resolves.
Anger argues.

Love trusts.
Anger doubts.
Love stays.
Anger leaves.

Love heals.
Anger abuses.
Love creates.
Anger destroys.