Reducing Anger in the Workplace

(c) Copyright dianne lancaster

  1. The owner/manager is respected, trusted and functions as a member of the team, not a detached authority.
  2. Authority, power and responsibility are consistent with the organization chart.
  3. Employees are competent, motivated, well-trained and quality conscious.
  4. Individuals keep their word and honor their commitments.
  5. Problematic egos and attitudes are managed effectively or eliminated before they take a toll on productivity or morale.
  6. The efficiency of each employee or department is enhanced by adequate equipment, office supplies, office space and other necessary resources.
  7. Paychecks are issued with sincere feelings of thankfulness and appreciation.
  8. Offices are neat and uncluttered, the atmosphere is orderly and productive even around deadlines, and temperaments and emotions are managed without stress.
  9. Employees look forward to arriving for work, they laugh and experience joy throughout the day, and they leave for home with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.
  10. Employees who find employment elsewhere leave on positive, amicable terms.
  11. Ethics, honesty, integrity and fairness are emphasized and manifested throughout the company.
  12. The company’s values and the individuals’ values are compatible and mutually reinforcing.
  13. Meetings are started on time, ended as scheduled, and are productive for each person attending.
  14. Human and fiscal resources are utilized, managed and invested in a manner that employees respect and trust.
  15. Balance is maintained in the time and energy employees devote to business and their personal lives, ensuring that each complements the other, and neither is emphasized at the other’s expense.
  16. A genuine atmosphere of caring is evidenced. The organization cares about its product or service; it cares about its customers or constituency; it cares about its employees, and they about it; and together they contribute to their community, their state, their nation and their planetary home.