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Dianne Lancaster is author of four books, including Reclaiming the Authentic Self, When Anger is in Control: A Handbook for Change, and Anger and the Indigo Child (available now on Kindle). Reclaiming the Authentic Self  is available from independent sellers on Amazon. When Anger is in Control is available on the Internet. Identifying and Reducing Anger in the Workplace is no longer in print.

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There is no greater purpose

No greater challenge

Than to manifest

The divine right of our destiny.

It is bequeathed by the Creator

Administered by the soul

And urgently needed

On this planet we call home.

Let us therefore call forth

In all space and time

The truth of who we are

The truth of why we are here

And the truth of the transcendent

Guidance and destiny entrusted to our souls.

It Is To BE - 

Because Destiny Will Not Wait

(c) 2019 dianne lancaster

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"Children are our greatest gift, our greatest challenge,
our greatest teachers, and our greatest hope."

-Dianne Lancaster, Author
Anger and the Indigo Child