America is Riding Sidesaddle on a Trojan Horse

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a prophetess. The power to foretell the future was given to her by Apollo as an expression of his desires… and Cassandra received the gift, promising to comply with his desires. But then she spurned Apollo’s advances, and he sought revenge. He could not rescind her gift of prophecy because the creed of the gods was that divine favors once bestowed could not be revoked. What Apollo did, therefore, is arrange that while Cassandra’s gift of foretelling would remain, she never would be believed.

Archetypes and the American Presidency

For persons living in America at this time, our fate seems in the hands of everything but the conditions which portions of this writing idealize and invoke. As the ancient teachings of the Tarot help identify archetypes and their purpose, the current developments in this nation compel us to understand the meaning and presence of the high-office-seeker archetypes of this time.