Orlando: The Latest Message We Did Not Hear

In the global psyche, the smell of blood and bullets remains. Although numbers more staggering than 49 have regularly brought together heartbreak and headlines – planes brought down, towns blown up, mass graves discovered, fleeing immigrants drowned – Orlando was a message to our souls. “Surely this is the last before we do something to stop it all,” we thought, hoped, pleaded, and prayed.

Anger & the Divine Plan: An Indigo Children’s Story

Not long ago, the collective vibration of the Indigo Children was joyfully engaged in a distant dimension when an urgent call was sounded. A crisis in consciousness was developing on Planet Earth. Destructive munitions were assembling with alarming force. Destructive emotions were gathering with equivalent force. The medical model could not adequately arrest this development. Education could not adequately address it. Pharmaceuticals could only suppress it. Science and religion could not reverse it…yet something had to be done.