Anger & the Divine Plan: An Indigo Children’s Story

© Dianne Lancaster

Listen to the Children

By Dianne Lancaster

An Archetypal Assignment
Not long ago, the collective vibration of the Indigo Children was joyfully engaged in a distant dimension when an urgent call was sounded. A crisis in consciousness was developing on Planet Earth. Destructive munitions were assembling with alarming force. Destructive emotions were gathering with equivalent force. The medical model could not adequately arrest this development. Education could not adequately address it. Pharmaceuticals could only suppress it. Science and religion could not reverse it…yet something had to be done.

brainhelix on Indigo Children Story pageWhen the Divine Planning Committee was called upon to intervene, its response was clear. “We have to send the Indigo Children to Earth to transform the anger into love.”

“But they have already exited the karmic system!” the Divine Children’s Committee exclaimed. “They now experience only love. How can you send them back into that environment of anger and UnLove? How can you subject them to judgment, shame, denial, and blame? That is such an old model. It is still based on truth or consequences. The Indigo Children already know the truth. That is why they are here. That is how they got here! Why make them face consequences for who they are, and how they Be?”

The Divine Planning Committee understood well. Still they insisted. “The anger on Planet Earth is building. We have to intercede. They aren’t being loving and truthful with one another there. Perhaps they will learn so from these Children.”

The Divine Children’s Committee was not convinced. Although they knew the seriousness of the Earth Planet’s crisis, they also knew the sensitivity and gifts of the Indigo Children. So they pondered, and reflected, and dialogued, and finally they did agree to send the Indigo Children to Earth… but with certain conditions. “If you are going to send the Indigo Children back to Earth, you must devise an archetypal role for them. It must have a unique, powerful purpose that will serve the entire human collective. You must make them emissaries for inspiring a new model that will reach the masses. And you must send only the Children with the hardiest of souls.

“In addition,” the Divine Children’s Committee advocated, “the parents whom the majority of these Children are assigned to must be evolved, deeply devoted souls whose support of the Children is unprecedented. These families also must agree to the archetypal role and conditions. They too must agree to learn and register new how-to’s for reversing anger-based patterns. Therefore, we must principally select families who embody generations and lifetimes of emotional dysfunction – because to serve this role for the collective consciousness, they must be prepared to see the truth of these transgenerational patterns. The families of these Children must be willing to see how their Children are here to help them break out of these patterns, and to find new ways of transforming anger and experiencing love.”

“So BE it,” the Divine Planning Committee decreed.

“The Indigo Children will indeed return to the Earth Planet conditions, but they will embody a new way of Being on Planet Earth. Their assignment will be to temporarily adopt and reflect back to their families some of the anger-based patterns affecting the human condition. These Children will have in their soulforce, however, both the inspiration and the information to break out of those dysfunctional patterns and thereby leave in the collective consciousness the how-to’s for other children to do the same.

“The families these Children choose will embody certain dysfunctional patterns. But rather than pass on those patterns automatically and non-consciously, these families will anguish as they see themselves doing and saying to their children exactly what they found so painful in their own upbringing. These families will want to change those patterns. They will want to find a better way. And most of them will, because they too will have in their soulforce – and as a part of their archetypal agreement – the mandate to break out of those dysfunctional patterns and leave in the collective consciousness the how-to’s for other families to access and do the same.”

The Cosmic Contract

And so the Indigo Children began arriving. Soon there were many. Not all had been assigned to transforming the anger. Some were able to manifest their gifted, sensitive selves without great emotional challenge and upheaval. But many with the Indigo vibration were indeed placed in the trenches of emotional dysfunction. Theirs was an assignment of extraordinary service to the human collective. Despite their capacities for profound unconditional love, they would discover a lifetime infused with UnLove. Despite their awe-inspiring insights and knowingness, they would be unable to conform and perform in systems designed to educate the masses. Although their uniqueness would be apparent, it would often be intimidating. As a result, these Children would be routinely mislabeled and often, unnecessarily drugged.

Based on their archetypal role, the Indigo Children typically would have two viewpoints about this lifetime on Earth. “This is not me!” their SoulSelf would scream from within. “I am not this angry, defiant, unhappy child. I am exceptional, sensitive and creative. I have a contribution to make. I want to help make this world a better place! I want to express all the wonderful things inside me. I don’t want attention because of some behavior problem, or because I can’t fit in. I don’t want to treat my family this way. I don’t want them treating me this way, either. I don’t understand. I don’t like this. I don’t like being like this. I don’t understand.”

On the parents’ side, an equally confusing dynamic would be developing. “Sometimes our child is this sweet, adorable, astounding little being with profound insights and understanding. But then the other side kicks in – the willful, uncontrollable, demanding child who pushes every button and pushes us to every limit. We try discipline. We try punishment. We try behavior modification and therapy. We try rewards and take-away’s, reasoning and hugging. We find a different daycare, a different school, then a different teacher, even a different religion. We read books, talk to other parents, search the Internet, and even move to a new neighborhood. When we finally try drugs and that doesn’t work . . . .”

Love is What They Teach; Love Is What They Need

When those efforts leave us discouraged, we must search inside for the love we may not have experienced but which these Children inspire us to find. At all times, all of us who are in these Children’s lives are doing the best we can. But in many instances we truly do not know what to do. Gifted, angry kids are indeed in our families and classrooms these days. They are the pierced and tattooed, the valedictorians, the soccer stars, the ones who left home, and the ones who dread coming home. Whoever they are and wherever they are, they challenge systems and reject values. While discipline is what we try, love is what they need, and anger is what they experience – both within themselves and in their environments. It numbs their sensitivity, destroys their creativity, and leaves their gifted potential at risk.

When we respond to their anger with our own, we perpetuate the model of emotional dysfunction they are here to halt, and we evade the emotional mandates we are here to follow. Many of us who have this assignment have not known what to do about our own anger, or the anger built up in our own families for decades. As a result, we certainly do not know what to do when we see our own patterns represented in our Children. And yet, it is that truth about our own anger that holds the insights for transforming theirs.

In our archetypal role in connection with anger and the Indigo Children, we have a cosmic contract to learn how to transform our own anger so that we can teach them how to transform theirs. The information for doing so comes to us, and through us, each time we acknowledge the truth that our anger is uncontrolled and unloving. The instant we acknowledge that we do not love how we are being at those moments, the soul guidance for replacing those automatic, transgenerational patterns comes to us. When we access and follow that guidance, we are serving our divine role in transforming anger into love.

starnavbarWe establish this new model by rejecting and replacing the old one. When we reject the old patterns and old model of UnLove, at that moment we create a space for our Soul to replace the old pattern with a new option. In our cosmic contract, we have asked for Soul guidance — Soul-directed intervention — in developing a new emotional repertoire wherein the option to anger is love. We consciously create the space for that new option by asking ourselves at all times, “Do I love my self and what I am saying and what I am doing right now?” If we are in touch with self-love when we express anger — if we love what we are saying and how we are saying it — then our anger is safe. Otherwise, our Children experience anger as having the power to displace love. Then they learn to fear anger — ours and their own — and they develop a pattern of suppressing their anger. That buildup of anger produces cumulative emotional dysfunction and eventually results in the uncontrolled, uncontrollable, unloving condition of rage.

To avoid our own anger being unloving, we must also regularly monitor our anger, asking ourselves, ” Am I in touch with love for my child as I express my anger?” If the answer is no, them we must immediately halt whatever we are saying or doing and find a way to express anger with love. That is the anger our Children can trust and learn from. That is the reversal from UnLove that will help our Children heal, and it is the model of emotional transformation the Indigo Children are here to help us learn.

Copyright © Dianne Lancaster


  1. This specific article and the book, ANGER AND THE INDIGO CHILD, began our family’s journey, changed our lives so that we all could continue finding what we are here to do. In a nutshell, they saved us. And that was only the beginning.


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